What is informed delivery?



Informed delivery is a service offered by USPS that allows customers to preview mail arriving to their house each day. Customers can sign up to view their mail on a phone, tablet or computer, anywhere and anytime, even if they are traveling. In addition, the USPS sends daily emails to alert consumers of what they will be seeing in their mailbox each day.

What does it look like?

Informed delivery users receive scanned grayscale images of the mail they will be receiving each day. The USPS offers an option to modify this grayscale image with a representative color image and clickable link.

Source: USPS
Source: USPS

Who is using it?

Currently there are 17 Million users across the US.  The USPS frequently updates the amount of users here.

If you would like to know how many of your customers are using this service, you are able to run a pre-campaign analysis to compare a mail file to the USPS Database, or you could contact your ICS Account Executive to obtain this report for you!

How can you participate?  

ICS creates these campaigns on behalf of our clients upon request, so setting up a campaign is as simple as sending an email to your Account Executive. However, if you choose to create the campaign yourself, the process is still very simple. All you need is the IMB serial numbers from your campaign.  

The best part is this service is currently being offered for free by the USPS!  In fact they will even discount your postage if you run campaigns from September - November.

For more information about Informed Delivery or to get your first campaign set up, contact your ICS Account Executive!

Thank you! for connecting with us. We look forward to seeing if we can work together in the future.
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