Marketing Strategies for Uncertain Times



There have not been many moments in history where the world collectively shutdown. The closest situation we have in the U.S. is September, 11th 2001. It was an incident that changed the landscape of the United States.

While there is no exact model on how to handle COVID-19 we can recall upon previous events such as 9/11 to find marketing similarities and help ease us into this “new normal”. We’re all very aware that the world is going to be different, but we’re just not sure how.

Right now, we know one thing for sure, the economy needs marketing, if only to help spread hopeful messaging.

We consulted with our lead strategist, Dennis Fish on key marketing strategies during these turbulent times.

“At this point in time humans are like sponges. They want to know what’s going on and they’re absorbing as much information as they can. It’s important for marketers to understand this and customize their messaging to fill those needs.”

1.     What should marketers focus on immediately?

  • “Focus on your existing customers. Now is the time to invest in customer service and the overall customer experience. Understand that this is not business as usual. Do your best to act, rather than react.
  • Be sensitive in messaging. It’s important to address our new reality while also trying to stay positive. Keep in mind that the needs of your consumers have changed. There could be a surge in “cocooning”- staying at home with family and friends rather than going out in public.
  • Make your brand bulletproof. People want to work with people who care. Whether it’s about your employees or your clients, making an effort to care about others goes a long way.”

2.     What is something to keep in mind as we navigate through COVID-19?

  • “Messaging is critical. Try to remind consumers that the virus won’t last forever but we could be facing a restructuring of some companies to working from home as the “new normal”.
  • Stick to your control pieces and what works best. There’s not much time for creative testing.”

3.     What Message Should You Be Sending?

  • “Understanding who and where your customer is in terms of their employment, and income preservation will help to guide messaging around their choices to use their funds. Key Factors such as baseline targeting, audience and purchasing trends all influence the message. “

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