ICS Corporation Announces Major Expansion



Hiring as many as 500 additional permanent employees

ICS Corporation today announced a significant expansion of its operations in Gloucester County, New Jersey, with the signing of a lease for additional manufacturing and distribution space in Logan Township. ICS plans to hire as many as 500 permanent, full-time employees for printing and direct mail fulfillment positions. In addition, ICS' expansion will create job opportunities in most front office departments, including Accounting, Customer Service, Quality Control, Purchasing, IT and Programming.

"Our commitment to serving our clients over the past 50+ years, building relationships and delivering outstanding results has created enormous opportunities for ICS within the industries that we serve," notes Matthew Bastian, President and CEO at ICS. "In addition, we have built an incredible team within ICS that has been on the frontline of delivering those results. Our commitment to our employees extends into their commitment to our clients, and that combination has yielded the growth opportunities that led to this expansion."

Positions within ICS's print, lettershop and distribution departments are available immediately, and offer highly competitive wages and benefits. "These are not seasonal or cyclical positions," said Brianna Park, Recruiter at ICS. "These are permanent, full time positions across all shifts, offering 40 hours per week which can include opportunities for four day work weeks."

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