30 Under 30

Meet our 30 future leaders, under 30, who are reshaping how we think, produce, and interact with one of the oldest marketing channels in history; direct mail.

“We looked around and saw we had something really unique here, and we wanted to highlight that as part of who we are, as part of our culture, as part of our belief of constant evolution," says Victoria Noboa, Managing Partner of LAMA. Yesterday, ICS launched its 30 Under 30 campaign spotlighting 30 of its team members under 30. "We are fortunate to have so much age-based diversity in each department. It's really encouraging to see."

Noboa attributes ICS's success to a very high retention rate and an extremely talented recruitment team. "When you pair those two factors together, you can bring in great people who may not have had a direct mail background and have them learn from some of the best in the industry."

President David Neff added, "No one wakes up and decides they are going to go learn direct mail. It's not something you get your degree in. So we had to figure out how to continue recruiting new graduates and make them want to be involved with this organization. Over the past decade, we have shifted our focus to creating a culture that is about the experience. Whether it be the customers' buying experience or an employee's job experience, we want it to be the best.

Everyone that works has somehow fallen into this job and, through passion or curiosity, ends up staying the course; it's just the culture at ICS."

"It's like this weirdly pleasant trap," David continued, "we actually have a term for it; we call them the 'lifers' - you actually get a dedicated parking spot when you hit that milestone."

To meet the 30 change-makers and see what they have to say about the direct mail industry, you can find them here.

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