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Customer elation doesn't come from a Webpress...

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...It comes from here



Yes, we have the equipment (200,000 sqft of equpiment to be exact) but that is not who we are.  

We are a group of uniquely NEUROTIC , TENACIOUS, PEOPLE PLEASERS.  Who go above and beyond for our clients.  

Skeptical? I don't blame you - heck, we highlighted the buzzwords.  

Take it from our clients they know us best.  

Our Services

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Acquisition Campaigns  

Our high speed laser print and insertion capabilities allow us to mail up to 1 billion pieces annually. We are able to execute client jobs that range from several hundred pieces to several million.

List Hygiene and Data Processing

Our direct mail programmers bring together a breadth of industry knowledge to preform services such as NCOA Processing, data merge-purge processing, and address correction and standardization.   


Creative Services

Whether you need a completely new campaign, a challenger package or just a second opinion; our team of direct mail designers and creative strategists are ready to take on any challenge. 


Daily and Weekly Customer Fulfillment 

In addition to high volume and traditional lettershop work, ICS also manages customer notification campaigns, product fulfillment, and specialized packaging needs. 


Postal Logistics

Each campaign is individually evaluated across multiple postal drop strategies to determine lowest cost attainable while meeting client in-home delivery targets.  Strategies include Drop Ship, Commingle, & Walk Sequence.

Let us see if we can uncover savings with a new postal strategy.  


Document Storage and Response Processing 

We maintain 20TB Customer data warehouse for list segmentation, modeling and selection




“You should do one thing each day that pushes you out of your comfort zone.”
— Matt Bastian, President of ICS Corporation


We love a good challenge and are always pushing ourselves to live outside of our comfort zone in order to constantly improve.
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