From daily fulfillment and trigger programs to larger scale customer acquisition and prospecting campaigns, ICS has solutions to meet your needs.


here is a brief sample of some recent projects:

  • 10MM #10 three-way match acquisition campaign with closed face envelope, personalized letter and embossed card attached for major financial services client
  • 6MM inkjet self-mailers for financial services client
  • 575,000 piece campaign with personalized reply and 24 personalized, self-adhesive mailing labels for non-profit client
  • 12,000 piece per month fulfillment of free tote bag gift for non-profit donors
  • 500 piece per week business-to-business fulfillment consisting of poster, window decals and “Take One” boxes and brochures for a retail rewards client
  • 3,000 piece per day same day fulfillment for consumer trigger program for major insurance carrier

“ICS Corporation has provided us with solutions for every aspect of our customer communications. They are a trusted partner for every aspect of our business.”
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