ICS Corporation Adds Oce ColorStream & MailStream Direct to Growing Equipment List

The Océ ColorStream 3900Z & Pitney Bowes MailStream Direct have been added to our fleet of in-house equipment. These new pieces of equipment support our ongoing commitment to our clients; to provide full variable data solutions while consistently looking for ways to improve speed to market. 

Adding the Océ ColorStream 3900Z expands our printing capacity up to 600,000 more pieces a day. In addition to expanding our volume, this press also adds an in-line perforating & punching enhancement option. The Océ complements the other preexisting inkjet and digital presses, and will ultimately be responsible for our white-paper in, full-color out production. Its ability to handle the demand for fully variable production and highly flexible color capabilities will allow us to work hand-in-hand with our clients to provide more color variable solutions.   

The Pitney Bowes MailStream Direct has provided ICS a precise and efficient way to process complex high-value direct mail.  With processing speeds up to 22,000 pieces per hour, the MailStream Direct not only yields high productivity but also, efficiently tracks every piece via Perfect Match Camera System as it flows through the machine.   

ICS Corporation awarded the 2018 Direct Marketer of the Year Award


The PhillyDMA Direct Marketer of the Year recipient represents the embodiment of true excellence in marketing in our region and in our industry. In the past, outstanding individuals have been awarded this special designation as an acknowledgment of their achievements. This year, the PhillyDMA chose to honor not just a single individual, but an entire company who has demonstrated industry leadership and that direct marketing is still a thriving and vital part of our business community.

In 1965, Richard Bastian & Richard Prendergast founded Instant Copy Service, a small print and copy facility in Philadelphia PA. 50 years later and enough stories to write a direct mail horror book, ICS has grown into a company that elevates and supports some of today’s largest mailers. ICS’ unique way of working combines fun and innovation while maintaining a responsible, supportive, and a transparent rapport with our clients.

Servicing clients that are at the forefront of the financial, insurance, fintech, non-profit and healthcare industries, ICS mailed roughly 650,000,000 mail pieces in 2017 for 45 national clients with capacity to do over a billion.

Our new state of the art facility houses digital imaging, bindery, lettershop and commingle/dropship postal logistics.

We are thrilled, humbled and proud to be recognized as the PDMA marketer of the year.


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